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Shipit Now till Shopify - Changelog

Latest updates & changelog

Remember to update the app regularly to ensure that you're getting the most out of Shipit Now for Shopify. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback about our recent updates.

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v1.0.18 (2024-02-13) - Added an edit feature for app checkout shipping options, allowing for easier changes to names, descriptions, logic, prices, and add-ons.
v1.0.17 - Added the transport company to the tracking information, if available. Resolved an issue with fetching product collections during checkout.
v1.0.16 - Support for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
v1.0.15 - Added support for specifying a maximum length for Shipping Label descriptions
v1.0.14 - PostNord Collect in Store - Label only 🔥 🔥 🔥

The "Collect in Store Label Only" feature allows customers to choose your physical store as a standard Service Point during checkout, just like any other delivery location. You can leverage all the built-in shipping rules of Shipit Now to determine specific products, collections, and criteria needed for this option to be available at checkout. When their order is ready for pickup, customers will be notified through both the PostNord mobile app and email, ensuring they know exactly when to collect their purchase from your store.

PostNord MyPack Collect - It is now possible to create separate shipping options for 'Parcelbox' and 'Collect at Service Point'. This could be useful for products sensitive to temperature or too large to fit in a parcel box, requiring shipment to a Service Point. You can use all available shipping logic rules to customize these shipping options.

That means PostNord MyPack Collect now offers these alternatives for you to select from:

Parcelbox and Service Points (Both)
Parcelboxes ONLY
Service Points ONLY
Collect in Store
Collect in Store (Label Only)

(other changes in the v1.0.14 release)

Global 'Package Weight Settings' now support both 'Package Total Minimum Weight' and 'Article Minimum Weight'. This can be particularly useful for selling very light products or when a carrier imposes 'minimum weight' limits for a service you wish to use.
Customer Notification Setting (On/Off)

v1.0.13 (Fix) - Minor adjustments
v1.0.12 (Fix) - Handling of exceptions
v1.0.11 (Fix) - Added cache support for static files
v1.0.10 - Added 'Custom carrier options', a new feature for creating your own shipping methods not connected to any carrier. For example, it can be used to offer 'Regular letter' or 'Pick-up in store' at the store's checkout 🔥
v1.0.9 (Fix) - In the automation, only include successful fulfillment
v1.0.8 - Added support for customs declarations - Automatically create customs documents for your shipments🔥
v1.0.7 - Support for additional-options in mapping, mapping is now case-insensitive
v1.0.6 - (2023-08-18) - 🔥Major feature update - Updated checkout logic

Create a truly unique shipping experience with built-in logic!

Use shipping logic with over 40 variables, including Zipcode, Country, State, Cart weight, Cart value, Product Tags, Collections, Metafields, and more.
Control visibility of shipping methods at checkout based on cart contents. For example, hide or show a method if the customer has a "bulky" or "fragile" item in their cart.
Offer specialized shipping options and pricing for B2B customers. Tailor shipping options and costs using customer details such as name, email, or phone number for a personalized touch.

v1.0.5 - Mapping shipping rate titles now auto-complete - When adding a new rate in the app you get suggestions of matching rates in Shopify Shipping & Delivery.
v1.0.4 - Added support Chat - Chat with the support team through Shopify.
v1.0.3 (2023-05-23) - 🔥Major update with requirements

Added support for checkout shipping options: We've now added the ability to configure shipping options directly at checkout. This makes the shipping process even smoother and more flexible for your customers.
Customizable Freight Options: You can now create unique freight options for the checkout process, including title, description, price, logic, choice of shipping service, optional choices (different for various services), and activation of agents (available only for certain services).
Added support for pick-up agents: In this version, we've expanded our features to support pick-up agents. This allows for more diversified shipping and pick-up options for your business, providing greater flexibility and convenience for your customers.
Order Metadata Storage: The chosen pick-up location, selected shipping service, and any optional additions are now all saved in the order's metadata. This allows other apps to easily access and use this information.

Requirements: Please note that Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) are required for these features to function properly. Although activation of this feature is free, merchants on a standard Shopify plan will need to switch to annual billing to get it at no extra charge, otherwise it costs $20 per month. After switching to annual billing, you'll also need to contact Shopify support to activate CCS. Once confirmed, it may take up to 48 hours for CCS to function properly. Merchants using Shopify Advanced or Plus plans already have this feature. For more information about CCS, please click here. For any questions, please contact the Shopify support team.

v1.0.2 (2023-05-08) - Approved by Shopify review team and released on Shopify app store
v1.0.2 - Review update
v1.0.1 - Review update
v1.0.0 - Initial release for Shopify review team

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