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Shipit Now - Shopify App Manual

Shipit Now - Manual for Shopify App

This guide will help you install and configure the Shipit Now for Shopify.

Create a Shipit account

Visit and create your free account Shipit account
Click the green register button and add your e-mail and password, contact and company details
Add a minimum of one carrier from the list
Use your own carrier customer number or leave the carrier customer number field empty to use Shipit's carrier deals. But you need to select at least one carrier
Copy the API KEYS (you will need them later on) and login to your Shopify store to configure the Shipit Now app.
After installing the app you will come to the app setup.


Order processing

Select Create live or panel shipping in the dropdown

Order processing

Live is when you print labels straight from the Shopify order dashboard (usually this is what you should use)
Panel shipments is stored in the Shipit portal for later printing


Choose how the products will be described on the shipping labels. Select between Categories, Product name or SKUs.
Then fill out the standard package size and minimum weight. This can be important since some carriers doesn't allow you to create a label without weight.


There are two alternatives. Full automation and "manually on fulfillment". For full automation and label creation check both options. If you want to manually create a label on fulfillment, check New order fulfillment.

Automation alternatives


Upcoming feature - Not active yet.


This is the info that will be display as sender on your labels. Press Save-button after this step.

Company name is registered company name and name is the contact person you want to show on the label (custom will see this)

Service credentials

Here is where you add you Shipit API keys that you created earlier.

Add your Shipit credentials

Mapping shipping methods

Click Shipit Now/Mapping located in the left menu under Apps
Add a name for the Shipping method and a service and click Add-button

Mapping of Carrier and shipment methods

Go to Settings/Shipping & Delivery and click Manage on the profile you want to edit.
If you don't have a shipping zone you must create one, read instructions from Shopify here.
Find the shipping zone you want to map rates with and click Add rate-button and name the rate exactly as when you created the mapping in step 2.
Set a rate for your shipping metod

Use the same name as when you was mapping

Make an order and get the label

Make a regular store order as a customer
Go to Shopify/Orders
Mark the order and click the three dots then Get Shipping labels

If order is fulfilled you can get the labels by click the dots, then Get Shipping Labels

A label will show up

Label creation


IMPORTANT! The app will not work without these settings being correct.

At least on Location must be added in Shopify Settings/Locations
Set Shipping address phone number field as required in Shopify Settings/Checkout
Shipping rate name located in Shopify Settings/Shipping & Delivery must match the name of "Shipping rate name" in the app setup when mapping shipping methods, without the exact match it will not work.

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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