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Shipit Now for Shopify - User Guide

The Shipit Now Shopify app is now available on the Shopify app store

If you have questions about Shipit Now, feel free to ask our trainee Oktavia AI.

This guide will help you install and configure the Shipit Now for Shopify. We have a short tutorial video in chapter 3

Guide for Shipit Now Shopify app

1. Introduction

1.2. Key features

2. Prerequisites and requirements

2.1. Shopify plan requirements

3. Getting started

3.1. Installing the app
3.2. Configuring app settings

4. Using the Shipit Now app

4.1. Creating a shipment
4.2. Managing existing shipments
4.3. Mapping carriers and rates
4.4. Printing labels
4.5. Tracking shipments

5. Logic for shipping methods

5.1. Logic - Datatypes, variables, operators and functions

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

6.1. Pricing, what does it cost to use Shipit Now?

7. Troubleshooting

7.1. Common issues and solutions
7.2. Contact support

8. Video tutorials

9. Updates and Changelog


Introducing the Shipit Shopify app, your go-to solution for seamless and efficient shipping management.

Our user-friendly app simplifies the shipping process by integrating Shipit with your Shopify store, making it easy to manage carriers, shipping methods, and label printing.

With features like automated description generation and adjustable packaging settings, Shipit adapts to your unique business needs. Whether you're shipping domestically or internationally, our app guides you through each step, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Say goodbye to shipping errors and delays, and embrace the Shipit Shopify app for a streamlined and hassle-free shipping experience.

Key features

Our free Shopify app is designed to simplify your shipping process by integrating Shipit with your Shopify store.

Key features include:

Lightning fast onboarding, start shipping without delay 🚀
Integration to 30+ popular e-commerce carriers 🙌 (incl. PostNord, DHL, Bring, DB Schenker, UPS, Airmee & Budbee/Instabox)
Service Point selector in your checkout 💥
Built in shipping logic to make custom shipping and rate rules 💥
Package, documents and pallet support
Automatic shipping and return labels
Automatic description generation for shipping labels
Adjustable packaging settings for error prevention
Minimum weight settings for lightweight products
Seamless label printing directly from your orders page🔥

Additionally, we continually add new features every month to enhance the app's functionality, check the changelog here. If you have any feature requests or ideas on how to improve the app, please feel free to contact us.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To use the Shipit Shopify app, a Shipit account is required. However, you can easily create one during the app configuration process in Shopify after installation. This ensures a seamless setup experience and enables you to utilize the app's features right away. To enjoy all the app features including the Pick-up Point Selector and advanced shipping rules you need to have Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) activated in your store. Take a look at the requirements below.

Shopify Plan Requirements

Easily Manage Shipments on Any Shopify Plan

Whether you're starting out with a Basic Shopify plan or scaling up with Advanced or Plus plans, our Shipit Now app integrates smoothly with your store setup. Here's how you can make the most of it:

For Basic Shopify Plan Users:

Use Mapping Settings: The go-to feature to manage your shipments.
No Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS)? No problem: You won't need Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) to use Mapping settings.
Create Labels & Tracking: Effortlessly generate shipping labels and tracking links for your orders.

Mappings settings

Missing Out Without CCS: While you can manage basic shipping tasks, without CCS, the app's more advanced features, like the Pick-up Point Selector and custom shipping logic, won't be available.

Activating Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS):

Free Activation: It's free to activate CCS when you switch to annual billing.
Contact Shopify Support: To enable CCS on your store, reach out to Shopify support.
Be Patient: It may take up to 48 hours for CCS to be up and running.

For Advanced/Plus Plan Users:

Full Feature Access: Enjoy all the app features, including the Checkout settings with Pick-up Point Selector and advanced shipping rules.# Getting Started - Video tutorial

Checkout logic and rules

Installing the app

Shopify app store

To download and install the Shipit Shopify app, follow these easy steps:

Visit the Shopify App Store
Click the "Add app" button, and you'll be prompted to grant the app permissions.
Confirm your selections and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

In just a few moments, the Shipit app will be installed in your Shopify store, ready to enhance your shipping process.

Configuring App Settings

Quickstart: Shipit Shopify app quickly using standard app settings, follow these simple steps

Once the app is installed, open it from your Shopify admin panel. Start by registering for a Shipit account to obtain API keys by click the "here"-link in the intro text or go to

Select Create live shipments which will create a shipping label printable from Shopify orders page on fulfillment

Select Product name as label description source since SKUs or Categories is optional in Shopify
Check both automation checkboxes to automatically fulfill orders for you
Set minimum length, height and width to 15, 15, 15 cm
Set minimum weight to 150 g, because some carriers has minimum weight limits

Set value 2 in service points (upcoming feature, not yet released)
Add your company details and click save-button

Add your API key and API secret and click save-button. Check test environment to checkbox to test before going to production

Mapping carriers and rates

Go to App meny and click mappings
Add a rate name, ex. PostNord - MyPack Collect
Select the shipping service you want from the dropdown, ex. MyPack Collect and click Add

Go to Shopify settings then Shipping & Delivery and Manage

Create a zone
Add a rate for the zone, set a price and click done. Then save.

Note! Make sure you use the exact same name as the one you created in app mappings (case sensitive incl. spaces etc)

Go to Shopify settings then Checkout and Customer information

Make sure Shipping address phone number field in set to required.![](

Go to Shopify settings then Locations

Make sure you have a locations set and that location is for the shop inventory. And thats it!

Using the Shipit Now app

Shipit Now is really simple to use. After setup you only need to print labels and maybe map new carriers and shipping methods. The get a shipping label, go the Orders page, select a orders then click the three dots and select Get shipping label.

Creating shipments

There are Live and Panel shipments. Live shipments is created when an order is fulfilled while Panel shipments are stored in the Shipit portal for later printing.

Both Live and Panel shipments can be manually created or automatically created depending of the app Automation settings. Check the upper checkbox and leave the other unchecked to do it manually when making a order fulfillment. Check both for full automation. Full automation will fulfill incoming orders for you as soon as they arrive, and you just need to print them.

Managing existing shipments

To get shipping labels on existing orders not yet fulfilled. Just map a carrier and service to a existing rate name. Then print the orders.

Printing labels

Go to Shopify Orders page
Check the order you want to get a label for, then click the three dots in the action menu and select "Get shipping label" at the bottom
You should now see a label, click print

Orders with just digital products will not be able to generate a label, make sure your products are set to physical products

Tracking Shipments

Go to Shopify Orders page, click on the order you want to track. Just under the ordernumber you will see a tracking number if the order is fulfilled. It may take a few minutes for the tracking link to appear, but usually it's created at the same time as you create the label.

Logic for Shipping Methods in Shipit Now - Checkout

Shipit Now offers built-in shipping logic that can be used to display shipping methods based on rules that you can configure by going to Shipit Now: Shipping Connector > Checkout.

To use this feature in the app, you need Shopify Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) activated in your store. CCS is included in Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus. If you have Shopify "Standard," you can activate CCS by paying your Shopify subscription annually or for a fixed monthly fee. If you have Shopify Basic, you can still use the Shipit Now app through the Mapping function, but unfortunately, you cannot display the choice of agents in your checkout or use the logic in Shipit Now - Checkout.

Shipit Now - Checkout settings

Logic - Data Types, Variables, Operators, and Functions

Shipit Now has very flexible logic.

Data type values: 'John Smith' (string), 5.25 (float), 3.25 (float), 7 (integer), true (boolean), false (boolean)

Variables: $country, $zipCode, $state, $city, $phone, $email, $company, $isCompany, $subtotal, $weight, $currency, $locale

Functions: allProductsInCollection($collection (string)): (boolean), anyProductInCollection($collection (string)): (boolean)

Operators: <, <=, >, >=, =, <>, &, |

Examples of logic for your checkout based on weight, country, and cart value

By combining variables, operators, and functions, you can configure rules in Shipit Now and determine when shipping methods should be available in your checkout. By using $weight, $subtotal, $country, $subtotal, and $collection in logic, create many popular rules.

If you want to create more advanced rules, you can add variables like $zipCode, $state, $city, $phone, $email, $company, $isCompany, $currency, $locale.

Only show the shipping method in checkout when the total weight of items in the customer's shopping cart is over 20 kg:

$weight > 20

Only show if the total weight is between 10 - 20 kg:

$weight >= 10 & $weight <= 20

Total weight is over 100 kg and the cart's value is over 500:

$weight > 100 & $subtotal > 500

Weight over 100 kg and cart value is over 500, only for delivery to Sweden or Finland:

$weight > 100 & $subtotal > 500 & $country = 'SE' | $country = 'FI'

Weight over 100 kg and cart value is over 500, only for delivery to Sweden or Finland and the cart contains any item from the Shopify Collection "Plants":

$weight > 100 & $subtotal > 500 & $country = 'SE' | $country = 'FI' & anyProductInCollection('plants') = true

Weight over 100 kg and cart value is over 500, only for delivery to Sweden or Finland and the cart contains only items from the Shopify Collection "Plants":

$weight > 100 & $subtotal > 500 & $country = 'SE' | $country = 'FI' & allProductsInCollection('plants') = true

Weight over 100 kg and cart value is over 500, only for delivery to Sweden or Finland and the cart contains any item from the Shopify Collection "Bulky":

$weight > 100 & $subtotal > 500 & $country = 'SE' | $country = 'FI' & anyProductInCollection('bulky') = true

Examples of logic for your checkout based on country and postal code

Only show the shipping method for Swedish customers with postal code 123 45:

$zipCode = '123 45' & $country = 'SE'

Only show the shipping method for Finnish customers in postal code area 00170 to 00190:

$zipCode >= '00170' & $zipCode <= '00190' & $country = 'FI' |

Examples of logic for B2B

To display selected shipping methods to business customers, you can use $company and $isCompany. $company is a specific company, $isCompany is all companies.

Show selected shipping method to the company ACME AB
$company = 'ACME AB'

Show selected shipping methods if the customer is a business

$isCompany = true

Show selected shipping methods if the customer is a business in Finland

$isCompany = true & $country = 'FI' & $subtotal > 500 & $currency = 'EUR'

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Pricing, what does it cost to use Shipit Now?

The Oktagon Shipit Now Shopify app is currently available for free, without any monthly fees. That means that ff you use Shipit's own carrier account for label printing, there will be no cost at all. But if you choose to use your own carrier account, there will be a fee of approximately $0.2 per order or 2 SEK, for pricing questions, contact

Note: However, we may introduce additional features as add-ons to the app in the future, which could potentially involve a monthly cost, but only if you choose to use those features by selecting and accepting a price plan. But for now, the app itself is free.


Common Issues and Solutions

Usually missing product weights, SKUs or Category is a reason that cause errors when trying to get the shipping label
Missing address in your Default location in Shopify shipping is a common issue
Shipping phone number field is not set to required and missing in checkout, go to Shopify Settings/Checkout and set it to required.

Contact Support

If you can't find the answer to your question here in the helpdesk you can use the chat to get help. Usually we answer within 30 minutes. But if it's a busy day we will respond through email. But that only works if you add your contact details. You can also reach us by visiting our contact page

Video Tutorials

Updates and Changelog

Find the changelog here 👉 Take me to the changelog article

Updated on: 18/06/2024

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