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PostNord Ship Connect for Shopify

PostNord Ship Connect is now available in Shopify app store

The video is 7:18 minutes long and demonstrates how to get started with PostNord Ship Connect for Shopify. We show the installation and configuration of the app and how to create an account with store integration and shipping methods in PostNord Send Direct Business (SDB).

Guide for PostNord Ship Connect Shopify app

1. Introduction

1.2. Key features

2. Prerequisites and requirements

2.1. Shopify plan requirements

3. Getting started

3.1. Installing the app
3.2. Configuring app settings

4. Using the PostNord Ship Connect app

4.1. Creating a shipment
4.2. Managing existing shipments
4.3. Mapping carriers and rates
4.4. Printing labels
4.5. Tracking shipments

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

5.1. Pricing, what does it cost to use PostNord Ship Connect?

6. Troubleshooting

6.1. Common issues and solutions
6.2. Contact support

7. Video tutorials

8. Updates and Changelog


Introducing the PostNord Ship Connect Shopify app, your go-to solution for seamless and efficient shipping management.

Our user-friendly app simplifies the shipping process by integrating PostNord with your Shopify store, making it easy to manage carriers, shipping methods, and label printing.

With features like automated description generation and adjustable packaging settings, PostNord Ship Connect adapts to your unique business needs. Whether you're shipping domestically or internationally, our app guides you through each step, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Say goodbye to shipping errors and delays, and embrace the PostNord Ship Connect Shopify app for a streamlined and hassle-free shipping experience.

Key features

Our PostNord Shopify app is designed to simplify your shipping process by integrating PostNord with your Shopify store.

Some of the features:

Lightning-fast onboarding, start shipping without delay 🚀
Integration with PostNord's "Skicka Direkt Business" new e-commerce portal
Shipping methods, shipping rules, and prices are configured in the PostNord portal
Fully embedded in your Shopify store (Shopify embedded app)
Display one or several Pickup Points in your checkout
Display one or several Parcel Lockers in your checkout
Display one or several In-*Store Pickup** options in your checkout
Support for letters, parcels, documents, and pallet shipments
Automatic shipping and return labels
Automatic description for shipping labels
Default "lowest package weight" for shipments with "too low" total weight
Seamless label printing (one or several) directly from the order view in your store🔥

Additionally, we continually add new features every month to enhance the app's functionality, check the changelog here. If you have any feature requests or ideas on how to improve the app, please feel free to contact us.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To use PostNord Ship Connect for Shopify, the following is required:

- An account with PostNord with store integration activated in the PostNord portal Send Direct Business > E-commerce
- Your Shopify store must also activate Shopify Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) in your Shopify store. If you need assistance enabling the CCS feature on your Shopify plan, please contact Shopify's support.

Getting Started

Video Guide

For a quick overview of the installation process and app features, watch our instructional video (7:18 min) below:

Install the App

Visit the PostNord Ship Connect app page on the Shopify App Store.
Click Install.
Log in to your Shopify account if prompted.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the PostNord app in your Shopify store.

Configure App Settings

Follow these steps to configure PostNord Ship Connect after installation:

Choose a subscription: All subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial, so you have the opportunity to try the app at your own pace.
Shipments - Choose between Confirmed or Unconfirmed shipments. Confirmed shipments are booked and can be printed directly from Shopify > Orders after completing them.

Unconfirmed shipments must be completed and printed from the PostNord portal.

Confirmed and Unconfirmed Shipments

Automation - In the app's automation settings, the e-commerce merchant can choose when a shipment should be created.

None: No automation
Manual fulfillment: Creates a shipment with a label and tracking when the merchant manually completes an order.
New order: Means a shipment, label, and tracking are created as soon as a new order is received.
New order & fulfillment: Means a shipment, label, and tracking are created both immediately and upon manual fulfillment.

Automation Options

Packages - Since PostNord requires weight for each shipment, there is an option to specify a minimum package weight in the app. These settings are for merchants who lack weight on products or have failed to specify weight on a product in the order. In the app's default settings, this is set to 10 g.
Package Minimum Weight
|| However, some shipping methods require a higher minimum weight, e.g., 150 g. In that case, you must specify 150 g as the minimum weight in this field. But this weight is used as a "backup" if the merchant has forgotten to specify the weight in their store.

Checkout - Some shipping methods can display pickup points or parcel lockers. In the Checkout settings, you can specify the number of options you want to display at checkout, with the default being 3.

Checkout Options

Login Details, Paper Size & Label Size - Store identifier and Store secret. Here, the e-commerce merchant enters the information they received when creating the store's connection under "E-commerce" in the PostNord portal (Send Direct Business).

Paper size is the format the e-commerce merchant uses in the printer, with A4 as the default, but other options are available to choose from. Label size is the size of the shipping label. Small is the standard, but other options can be selected. Note that these changes must be adapted to each merchant's own printer settings for the printouts to be correct. So, use the default during testing.

Login and Paper Details

Using PostNord Ship Connect

Once the PostNord app is installed and configured, you can start creating and managing your shipments directly in your Shopify store.

Create a Shipment

Navigate to Shopify > Orders.
Select one or more distributed orders and then choose Create shipping labels in the More action menu.

Create Shipping Labels

Depending on the app's automation settings, an order may have the status Distributed or "Undistributed" in Shopify > Orders. To be able to print shipping labels in Shopify, the order must be distributed.
Click on the dots (...) in the Action menu that appears on the screen after selecting an order, then choose Create shipping labels.
Select Print.

Manage an Existing Order or Shipment

To manage an individual order or an existing shipment:

Select Shopify > Orders in your store.
Open the order you want to manage and select the More actions button at the top right.
Click Create Shipping labels.

If something goes wrong, you can try using Reprocess automation to run the automation again and hopefully resolve the issue or identify the cause of the problem.

Adding Shipping Methods, Rates, and Rules

All shipping methods, prices, and rules you want to use in your store are created in the PostNord Send Direct Business portal.

Send Direct Business

Log in to the PostNord portal.
Click Send Direct Business in the left menu.
Select E-commerce in the top menu, then your store.
Add a new shipping method or modify an existing one.

NOTE! It is important to know that you can currently use the following currencies: SEK, NOK, DKK, EUR, GBP & USD. However, prices and pricing rules are always specified in SEK when creating shipping methods in the portal.

Printing Labels

It is easy to print shipping labels for Confirmed shipments directly in your store; see the section Creating Shipments in this guide. If you use Unconfirmed shipments (in the app's settings), you must complete your shipments in PostNord Send Direct Business by following these steps:
Manage Unconfirmed Shipments

Log in to the PostNord portal.
Click Send Direct Business in the left menu.
Select Shipments in the top menu.
Click Unconfirmed to see unconfirmed shipments.
Select the shipment you want to manage.

Tracking Shipments

NOTE! Customers receive a tracking link via email when a shipment is created.

Go to Shopify > Orders in your store.
If the Tracking added column is enabled in the order view, you can already see the tracking link there and click to open the tracking window.

Track from the order view

Another option is to open an order and click on the tracking link.

Tracking link inside the order

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pricing: PostNord Ship Connect?

PostNord Ship Connect for Shopify currently has two subscriptions, monthly ($27) or annual payment ($270). Transportation costs are additional, according to the agreement you as an e-commerce merchant have with PostNord.

For specific pricing information, please contact PostNord customer service or your PostNord contact.


Even with a user-friendly app like PostNord Ship Connect, you may sometimes encounter issues. Our FAQ aims to provide quick solutions to common problems.

Common Questions

Shipping methods do not appear at checkout

Answer: This can be due to several reasons:

No subscription is selected in the app.
Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) is not enabled on your Shopify plan.
No shipping zone or incorrectly configured shipping zone. Check if you have shipping options enabled for the shipping zone in your store, and also check in the PostNord portal settings if the countries match the settings in your store.
Another reason why shipping options may not be displayed is that the base currency you have chosen in your store is not supported by PostNord. PostNord supports SEK, NOK, DKK, EUR, GBP & USD. However, prices are always specified in SEK in the portal's shipping settings.

Answer: Updates to tracking information can sometimes take time. Sometimes updates occur only when the shipment is booked or scanned by PostNord. If the problem persists, contact our customer support for assistance.

Contact Support

Helpdesk: To reduce waiting time in our chat, please first search for the answer in our Helpdesk.
Chat: Access directly in the app for quick live assistance or via

Our support hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 16:00. Response time is approximately 20-40 minutes but may vary depending on workload and holidays.

For questions related to PostNord or Send Direct Business, please contact PostNord customer service.


Visit our Youtube channel to find videos for useful tips and tricks.

Updates and Changelog

We are continuously adding new features to PostNord Ship Connect; you can find the latest updates in our Changelog.

If you have suggestions for new features or improvements to the PostNord app, we would love to hear them! Use the chat, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information about PostNord Ship Connect or any of our e-commerce solutions, please visit our website at or our help center at

Please consider leaving a review in the Shopify app store. Your feedback helps us improve our products and serves as valuable guidance for other e-commerce merchants.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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