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PostNord Ship Connect / How to use Klarna KSS/KSA and PostNord

The first thing you need to do is go to PostNords Portal and to the store that has Klarna connection, then create the same shipping option in the store that has ShipConnect connection.

After doing so, go into the Wordpress Admin and click WooCommerce > PostNord Control Panel, where you disable the shipping selector by selecting "Leave my shipping methods untouched" and then saving. After that, go into WooCommerce > Settings, then click on the Shippingtab. There you enter ALL delivery zones that may have PostNord connection and delete them so that no delivery zone has delivery methods from PostNord.

Then install and activate Klarna Shipping Assistant from Krokedil. Follow the instructions from Krokedil and Klarna to make the checkout work (if you run it like this, our plugin won't affect the checkout anything).

When an order is received that is related to KSS/KSA, you should be able to press the Process button either from the order list or inside an order.

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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