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PostNord Ship Connect / MANUAL

PostNord Ship Connect - Skicka Direkt Business - WooCommerce

🚀2023-02-07: PostNord now supports zones. Create your own zones based on the countries a shipping method works for, create your own rules based on weight ranges and order value, etc. Settings can be found as usual in the PostNord portal under the Skicka Direkt Business/E-commerce tab.

Latest version: 1.0.77 released on 2024-03-05

System requirements

PHP 7.4+
php-curl add-on
sha256 hash algoritm add-on
WooCommerce: 5.6.0+
Wordpress: 3.9.0+


Shipping selector widget for ordering or shopping cart at checkout
Create reserved shipments
Create booked shipments
Create shipping labels
Create tracking links
Include tracking links in order emails
Change shipping option from PostNord after incoming order
Add shipping options from PostNord on incoming order using other carrier
Single or Bulk-print shipping labels
Print multiple shipping labels as one document
Process deliveries on several orders simultaneously
Two-way syncing of transmission changes from PostNord's Portal and WooCommerce
Return deliveries and return deliveries

Installation and setup

After you have purchased our plugin, you will receive an email with a download link. You also get license information that you need to use to download the extension. Download the extension and save it on your computer.
Login to your WooCommerce administration dashboard and click Extensions> Add New, select the downloaded file and click Install.
Activate the extension in the list of installed extensions
You should now receive a message at the top of your administration, click there. If you do not see the message, click WooCommerce> PostNord Control Panel
Follow the instructions on the screen, when you are done, the installation and set-up should be complete

We also have a tutorial "How to use PostNord Ship Connect" with english subtitle.


Process an order from the order list
Click the 'Process' button at the far right of the order list. Read the messages that end up at the top of the screen.

Process an order from the order page
Click the 'Process' button in the right part of the screen. If you need to change weight, you need to do so before clicking 'Process'.

Process multiple orders from the order list
Check several orders and in the list of Mass Actions select 'Process delivery', then click 'Apply'.

Print multiple shipping labels as one document
Check several orders and in the list of Mass Actions, select 'Download shipping labels', then click 'Apply'.

Change log

1.0.77 [2024-03-05] Improved mobile design for operational hours and nordic swan ecolabel delivery
1.0.76 [2024-03-04] Support for Aelia Currency Switcher, fix for cURL in some environments
1.0.75 [2024-02-21] Changing orders shipping option in admin now working with Nordic Swan Ecolabel
1.0.74 {2024-02-20] Some fixes for distance and opening hours presentation
1.0.73 [2024-02-20] Support for Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Support for service point opening hours, Support for displaying distance to service-points
1.0.72 [2024-01-23] More improvements for HPOS in some environments
1.0.71 [2024-01-22] Support for Nets Checkout in HPOS mode
1.0.70 [2023-11-06] Support for PHP 7.4
1.0.69 [2023-11-02] Support for WooCommerce HPOS mode
1.0.68 [2023-10-13] Cache invalidation fix for Svea Checkout. Fix for shipments with lacking first- and lastname
1.0.67 [2023-10-03] Minor fixes
1.0.66 [2023-09-14] Showing shipping options in checkout even if postal-code is missing
1.0.65 [2023-02-24] Fix for wrong shipping option on Svea Checkout invoice option
1.0.64 [2023-02-21] Admin notices working again
1.0.63 [2023-02-20] More changes to session handling
1.0.62 [2023-02-20] Using Native PHP session in admin area
1.0.61 [2023-02-20] Using WooCommerce session storage instead of PHP native to improve compatibility with Svea Checkout
1.0.60 [2023-02-09] Work on preventing duplicate shipments, API transactions are now only stored in debug mode, support for empty shipping-packages
1.0.59 [2023-01-23] Support for countries without postal code, improved street address 2 field usage in shipments
1.0.58 [2023-01-19] Improved support for Svea Checkout 2.0, improvements in onboarding style
1.0.57 [2022-11-30] Total cart price that is sent to PostNord API in checkout now includes tax
1.0.56 [2022-10-28] Improved product total calculation on KSA orders
1.0.55 [2022-10-24] Fix for type conversion in some environments
1.0.54 [2022-10-18] Improved discount price logic
1.0.53 [2022-10-05] Miscellaneous improvements
1.0.52 [2022-10-03] Improved language logic for API. Improved texts related to reserved/booked shipments in portal. Added text to orders list view to identify orders that have a ongoing shipment.
1.0.51 [2022-09-19] Added support for Dintero Checkout
1.0.50 [2022-09-19] Added optional support for fallback shipping method
1.0.49 [2022-09-01] Multi-line descriptions and a fix for a Svea Checkout issue
1.0.48 [2022-08-08] Improved cache invalidation
1.0.47 [2022-06-07] Klarna KSA/KSS automation support
1.0.46 [2022-06-01] Improvements in checkout mobile zip-code design. Improved third-party plugin support related to processable order flag
1.0.45 [2022-05-24] Fix for showing service-points after using custom zip-code selector before fulfilling Klarna Checkout address form
1.0.44 [2022-05-23] Added optional zip-code selector
1.0.43 [2022-05-12] Fix for crash after processing shipment in some rare situations
1.0.42 [2022-05-10] Improved detection of Svea Checkout business visitors
1.0.41 [2022-05-09] Fix for order-management in some environments
1.0.40 [2022-04-28] Fix for Svea Checkout were companies get companies shipping options in checkout
1.0.39 [2022-04-26] Fix for Svea Checkout order completion
1.0.38 [2022-04-22] Fixed another saving settings issue in some environments
1.0.37 [2022-04-21] Fixed saving settings in some environments
1.0.36 [2022-04-19] Added printing options for paper and labels
1.0.35 [2022-04-12] Improved checkout widget state tracking in some environments
1.0.34 [2022-03-28] Fix for Klarna KSA/KSS integration with MyPack Collect service
1.0.33 [2022-03-28] Fixed rare race condition in checkout
1.0.32 [2022-03-28] Improved texts in service-point map and responsiveness
1.0.31 [2022-03-21] Added support for payment method Payson Checkout
1.0.30 [2022-03-21] Improved mobile design of service-point map
1.0.29 [2022-03-16] Added support for selecting pick up agent on map
1.0.28 [2022-03-07] Improved support for third-party customization of shipping options and shipment data
1.0.27 [2022-02-16] Bug fix in some cases were server is down
1.0.26 [2022-02-14] Added support for ETA. Added support for selecting store of pickup. Improved design of recommended shipping options
1.0.25 [2022-01-18] Support for new feature - is recommended
1.0.24 [2022-01-24] Support for user specific language code. New setting for forcing language code
1.0.23 [2022-01-04] When changing a orders custom weight and changing shipping option there is no need anymore to save order first
1.0.22 Improved upgrade procedure
1.0.21 General improvements
1.0.20 Cart total price that is sent to API is now including VAT. Fixed rounding error for cart total price that is sent to API
1.0.19 Fixed rare issue in automation were failed bookings resulted in new reserved shipments
1.0.18 Improved compatibility with WPML in checkout
1.0.17 Processing order from orders list will now wait until booking is entirely complete
1.0.16 Added support for custom placement of shipping selector in checkout. Automation now acts when updating an order. Using zip-code fallback if enabled in settings and no zip-code is entered in checkout
1.0.15 Improved widget design
1.0.14 Added support for processing orders from Klarna KSA/KSS. Added support for processing order were shipping line is not associated with any products. Sending company name as separate field for labels
1.0.13 Improved widget design and layout in Svea Checkout. When trying to process shipment on order that lacks shipping integration we have improved the error message
1.0.12 Added option for collection of anonymous statistics. Improved B2C vs B2B detection in Klarna Checkout
1.0.11 Support for bulk-printing via API, making it possible to have two turn-sloopedinhipment-labels per side. Adjusted price alignment in widget on small screens. Adjusted tool-tip pointer in widget. Improved labeling of bulk-actions. Fixed admin widget CSS issue in some cases
1.0.10 Improved iOS design or widget.
1.0.9 Improved responsive design of widget.
1.0.8 Improved design of widget. Improved design in Klarna Checkout. Improved multi-line descriptions of shipping-options.
1.0.7 Improved design in Klarna Checkout. Improved VAT support.
1.0.6 Support for tool-tips on shipping options. Compatibility for upcoming API update.
1.0.5 Improved widget styling.
1.0.4 Improved setup. Improved handling of selected service point.
1.0.3 Improved error handling in setup.
1.0.2 Added option to set limit on maximum number of service points per shipping alternative.
1.0.1 Support for PHP 7.1. Improved design of widget.
1.0.0 Initial release.

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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