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PostNord Ship Connect - Magento 2 / MANUAL

PostNord Ship Connect - Magento 2 manual

🚀2023-02-07: PostNord now supports zones. Create your own zones based on the countries a shipping method works for, create your own rules based on weight ranges and order value, etc. Settings can be found as usual in the PostNord portal under the Skicka Direkt Business/E-commerce tab.

Latest version: 1.0.17 released on 2023-12-19

System requirements

PHP 7.3+
php-curl extension
sha256 hash algorithm support
Magento: 2.3.6+


Shipping selector widget for ordering or shopping cart at checkout
Create reserved shipments
Create booked shipments
Create shipping labels
Create tracking links
Change shipping option after incoming order
Add shipping options from PostNord on incoming order using other carrier
Single or Bulk-print shipping labels
Two-way syncing of transmission changes from PostNord's Portal and Magento 2
Turn deliveries and turn & return deliveries


This module requires a PostNord Skicka Direkt Business account.

Questions and support regarding PostNord Skicka Direkt Business

For questions and support about PostNord's services and settings on, please contact PostNord directly.


Follow instructions below to properly install the extension.

In order to be able to install the module you first need to contact Oktagon to receive a username and password for your license.

Install module via Composer

composer config repos.oktagon composer

Note: Replace username och password above with your license credentials that you received earlied

composer require mediastrategi/postnord

Installation & Configuration

Test on a staging server first. Enter username and password when prompted. (Replace xx_YY or the other languages with the ones you use.)

Run the following commands to install and setup the module.

bin/magento maintenance:enable
bin/magento cache:flush
bin/magento module:enable Mediastrategi_PostNord
bin/magento cache:enable mspostnord_cache_api
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento setup:di:compile
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy en_US sv_SE xx_YY
bin/magento maintenance:disable

Restart varnish (optional)

service varnish restart

We also have a tutorial "How to use PostNord Ship Connect for Magento2" with english subtitle.


Login to the Magento 2 dashboard.
You should see notification to set up the module, if not click STORES > Settings > Configuration and then Sales > Delivery Methods > PostNord Ship Connect
Follow the on-screen instructions and review all the fields in this section, when you are done clicking 'Save Config' at the top and then clearing cache by clicking SYSTEM > Tools > 'Cache Management' and then clicking 'Flush Magento Cache'


Process an order from the order view
Click the 'Ship' button, on the next page tick the 'Create Shipping Label' check box, create your package and enter the weight. After that, click 'Save' to create your shipping. If you use booked shipments, you may need to wait up to 10 seconds before the shipping label is created.

Change PostNord shipping options on an existing order

Visit the order and click the 'Load available shipping options' button, then select shipping options and then click 'Save new delivery method'. After that, you should be able to treat the delivery as in the point above.

Process orders automatically with automation

Automation should run every 15 minutes automatically, but to run it manually, click SALES > PostNord Ship Connect > Control Panel, and then on the next page click 'Run Automation'.

There should be two new columns in the order list, one for shipping label and one for tracking link, click on them to get shipping label and tracking link respectively.

Print multiple shipping labels as a document

Tick multiple orders and in the bulk actions select 'Print Shipping Labels'


1.0.17 [2023-12-19] Shipment status update now at most takes 15 shipments at a time
1.0.16 [2023-11-08] Tracking number is now the tracking-identifier instead of the shipment-number
1.0.15 [2023-06-28] Fix for configuration validation error in configuration
1.0.14 [2023-01-23] Now handles error that happens when try to create a shipping label for a already delivered shipment
1.0.13 [2022-11-29] Catching error in automation if order contains product that no longer exists
1.0.12 [2022-11-21] Added support for PHP 8.1
1.0.11 [2022-11-14] Added a fallback language setting, using english as language when communicating with PostNord API if neither Swedish or English is detected
1.0.10 [2022-10-31] Various improvements
1.0.9 [2022-07-26] Improved handling of case were order lacks shipping method
1.0.8 [2022-06-07] For free shipping options the text 'Gratis' is used, when no address is specified in checkout pick up in store locations will still be listed
1.0.7 [2022-04-20] Support for Magento 2.4.4, added setting for printing options
1.0.6 [2022-02-14] Added support for ETA, added support for selecting store pick up locations
1.0.5 [2022-01-18] Added support for new feature - is recommended. Sorting of shipping methods in Magento 2 now same as from the PostNord API. Added feature to display changelog in admin. Now only shows PostNord logo in checkout if only PostNord options are displayed
1.0.4 [2021-12-16] Improved hostname resolving for license in some environments
1.0.3 [2021-11-29] Improved automation and other general improvements
1.0.2 [2021-11-19] Added support for showing shipping methods from other modules
1.0.1 [2021-10-19] Added support for multiple shipments per order

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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