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nShift Delivery / How to activate customs declarations

Some recipient countries and shipping services require a customs declaration, our plugin can create a customs declaration automatically if you set it up correctly, here's how to:

Go into your shipping method that should have customs declarations (WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping, Edit Your Shipping Zone, Edit Your Shipping Method)
Scroll down to the section about "Customs"
There need to be two different types of information for each product in the store (which can be ordered), it is the tariff number/commodity code (HS Code) and Country of Origin, if you want to use value other than the price of the product as the customs value, you can also choose a setting for it (Product Customs Value).

You can store these 2-3 types of data on the products in two different ways: via product attributes (built into WooCommerce) or via fields (here you need to use some third-party extension to put fields on the products). You decide how you want to do it. For help with WooCommerce product attributes, we recommend WooCommerce's own documentation.

For example, if you choose to store information in product attributes, select the correct attributes under "HS Code Attribute" and "Product Origin Country Attribute" and possibly "Product Customs Value Attribute".

Then you tick which customs declaration to create, if you don't know which documents to use then call nShift Delivery and ask.

For swedish Tarif number/commodity codes, they can be found at!/taric/nomenclature/sbn

Country of Origin shall be country codes like; SE, FI

When you're done, click Save at the bottom.
Fill in the tariff number, country of origin and any customs value of all products in the store (which can be ordered) and then try placing an order and create a delivery to make sure it gets right all the way.

Would you rather see an instructional video? See below or follow link here. The video has english subtitle.

Updated on: 03/11/2021

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