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nShift TMS - Magento 2 / F.A.Q

How do I order nShift Web-TA till Magento 2?

You order the module by following these steps.

Sign in to your TMS account
Click on "my add-on" in the menu
Select integrations and then Magento 2
Locate the Octagon plugin, and then click order

Next, you will receive an email with links to download the module and manual.

Note! If you don't have any TMS account today, you need to create one first by going to this site and click on order button.

Do you have any tutorial for the plugin?

Yes, there is an instructional video on our YouTube channel with english subtitle, follow link.

How do you change how deliveries are stored or booked?

To remove stored shipments, tick out (deflect) "Create Stored Shipments" on the current mode of delivery, on the contrary for booked ones.

How to get extra data into the calls when sending is stored / booked?

Go to SALES > nShift TMS > Shipping Methods > {Your Shipping Method}. Use the field "Extra shipment data in JSON format". This will be merged with the entire body of the call and then converted to XML. The JSON to XML syntax looks like this:

{ “abc”: “def” }

<v1:abc>def</v1> (if v1 is the id of the namespace in the xml header)



<abc ert=”true”>def</abc>

It is possible to get the shipping methods in Klarna Checkouts iframe?

No, not through nShift TMS, it's a future request but we can't say when it will be completed yet.
However, in our module nShift Checkout we have built in support for KSS/KSA through nShift.

Where do I fill in Point of Origin?

Take a look at this documentation:

Updated on: 29/12/2021

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