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nShift Delivery for Magento 2 / F.A.Q

How do I order nShift Checkout for Magento 2?

The easiest way is to visit our online store where we have all our modules and buy it there. Follow link

If you want to know more about the plugin you can find information through this page, or you can email your questions to [email protected].

Is nShift Order Connection (API Connect) included?

No, but if you don't have an order connection already, we order one for you when you buy one of our plugins. You will then pay SEK 0 in starting fee for the order connection. Contact nShift for questions about the monthly cost.

Do you have any tutorial for the plugin?

Yes, there is an instructional video on our YouTube channel with english subtitle, follow link.

Is the customer's address validated at checkout?

If you have access to pick up points in your checkout, the postal code is checked in such a way that no pick up point is shown for incorrect postal codes. If you don't have access to pick up points, there is no check of the address at checkout from our module.

Is there the possibility of Cash on Delivery?

Yes, some shipping services still offer Cash On Delivery (COD) as an add-on service.

How do you change how deliveries are stored or booked?

To remove stored shipments, tick out (deflect) "Create Stored Shipments" on the current mode of delivery, on the contrary for booked ones.

How to set print settings?

Log in to your nShift account, go to Settings > PDF, click on REST API button and your settings are gonna show. Enter these in our module's settings. If you need to change the settings at nShift, contact nShift Delivery Support.

How can I use a print favorite?

Use the "Extra" field if you go to SALES > nShift Delivery > Shipping Methods > {Your Shipping method}. To replace all content in the field with:


to use the print favorite my_favorite.

How to see calls made for an order?

If you activate Debug mode, go to SALES > nShift Delivery > Configuration, Debug = Yes. Then if you make a delivery, information should be found in the debug.log if you search the text "Shipment $data".

How to get extra data into the calls to POST /shipments, POST /stored-shipments?

Go to SALES > nShift Delivery > Shipping Methods > {Your Shipping method}. Use the field "Extra shipment data in JSON format". There will be a merge of this with the entire call of the HTTP "shipment" body.

It is possible to get the shipping methods in Klarna Checkouts iframe?

No, not through nShift Delivery, it's a future request but we can't say when it will be completed yet.
However, in our module nShift Checkout we have built in support for KSS/KSA through nShift.

How to activate pick up points?

Go to your shipping method (SALES > nShift Delivery > Shipping Methods), click on your shipping method, select options in Custom Pick Up Location.

How do I book automatic pickup when shipping is made?

Use the field “Extra” if you go to SALES > nShift Delivery > Shipping Methods > {Your Shipping Method}. To replace all content in the field with:

{{"service":{"pickupBooking": true}}

The shipping service ID where this JSON is added does our module add automatically before it's shipped to nShift, so you don't have to think about that.

Note!If you already have other settings in the JSON field, they must be merged. Contact us and we can help with that.

Track & Trace is not working, what am I doing wrong?

nShift has two packages you can choose. The "default package" does not include Track & Trace. See this article

Contact nShift (Unifaun) on weekdays between kl. 08:00 – 17:00.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +4631-725 35 50

Where do I fill in Point of Origin?

Take a look at this documentation:

Updated on: 03/03/2022

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