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nShift Checkout - WooCommerce / F.A.Q

How do I order nShift Checkout for WooCommerce?

The easiest way is to visit our online store where we have all our plugins and buy it there. You will find nShift Checkout for WooCommerce here.

If you want to know more about the plugin you can find information through this page, or you can email your questions to [email protected].

Is nShift Order Connection (API Connect) included?

No, but if you don't have an order connection already, we order one for you when you buy one of our plugins. You will then pay SEK 0 in starting fee for the order connection. Contact nShift for questions about the monthly cost.

Do you have any tutorial for the plugin?

Yes, there is an instructional video on our YouTube channel with english subtitle, follow link.

How do you change how deliveries are stored or booked?

To remove stored shipments, tick out (deflect) "Create Stored Shipments" on the current mode of delivery, on the contrary for booked ones.

The main reason is usually due to Track & Trace missing from your nShift account, otherwise it may be that the shipment is only stored - not booked yet. It may also be the wrong User ID in the plugin settings.

To activate Track & Trace, see this section from nShift,

How do I get the REST calls for an order?

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > nShift Checkout (next to Shipping Classes). Then Debug should be activated, click save. Then, enter an order by clicking WooCommerce > Orders > {Your Order}. Then there's the right side of "DeliveryCheckout - Request," "Prepared Shipments - Request," "Prepared Shipments - Response Body."

How can I use a print favorite?

Paste the following into the Extra field to use the print favorite my_favorite:


How do I create turn & return shipments?

Paste followed in the Extra field:


What attributes are sent to the nShifts API at checkout by default?

blogid, cartprice, currency, date, fromcity, fromcountry, fromstreet1, fromstreet2, fromregion, fromzipcode, height, length, time, tozipcode, tocity, tocountry, toregioncode, tostreet, userid, usergroups, volume, weight, width

It is possible to get the shipping methods in Klarna Checkouts iframe?

Our plugins; nShift Delivery, nShift Checkout, nShift TMS and PostNord Ship Connect do not support it.
However, we have our own plugin called Klarna Shipping Assistant (KSA) that solves this problem but can currently only interact with our nShift Checkout plugin so far.

You can read more about the plugin here: nShift Klarna Shipping Assistant (KSA) - WooCommerce

Configuration of shipping zones (e.g. zip code)

Read this article regarding Shipping zones in WooCommerce. Don't miss the section regarding "Sorting shipping zones", that's important.

Can this plugin send user roles from WooCommerce to nShift? So it is possible to have different prices and shipping options based on role?

Yes our plugin sends user roles to nShift. If you enter under WooCommerce > Status > Logs > mediastrategi_unifaun_dco and look for the text arguments:, the argument usergroups is there. You can then use these in nShift to set different prices and shipping options based on roles.

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Updated on: 08/04/2024

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