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nShift Checkout - Magento 2 / How to use Klarna KSS/KSA

For this to work, you need to run with the same Delivery Checkout Id in our module that you have set up in your Klarna Checkout which is connected to nShift. For questions on how to set up your Klarna Checkout for connection to nShift, you need to contact nShift or Klarna Support.

In our module's settings you also need to change Enabled for Checkout to No. Then our module will not affect the checkout in any way. Then you need to set magento 2 for KSA/KSS in the usual way, for help with this you need to contact Klarna.

When the checkout works and then when an order comes in, you need to click on it in the administration. Inside orders under the heading nShift Checkout there should be a subtitle called Load from KSA/KSS. It displays the read information in the KSS/KSA data paragraph if everything looks correct, you can click the [Convert order data] button to connect orders with our module.

Once you have done it, you can create shipping on the order in the same way as with other orders related to our module. See the nShift Checkout manual on how to do it in different ways.

Updated on: 02/11/2021

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