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Easy Customs - WooCommerce / MANUAL

Easy Customs - WooCommerce setup & configuration

Latest version of the plugin: 1.0.3 which was released on 2023-04-27 see changelog at the bottom of the page

System requirements

PHP 7.4+
php-curl extension
WooCommerce: 5.6.0+
Wordpress: 3.9.0+


Manually or automatically handle customs declarations for each order
Single or bulk-print documents

Managing orders

Automatically create customs declarations documents based on WooCommerce order status ex. Pending payment, Processing, Completed.
Manually create one or multiple customs declarations documents at the same time by selecting the orders and click on Bulk actions and then Create Customs Declarations.

Installation of the Easy Customs plugin

After you have purchased the plugin, you will receive an email with a username, password and a download link.
Log in to your WooCommerce dashboard and click Plugins/Add new in the main menu.
Click Upload plugin-button at the top, click Select file and locate the plugin file you downloaded earlier and click the Install Now-button.
Go to Plugins/Installed Plugins in the main menu and activate the plugin by clicking the Activate link below Easy Customs
You should now see a message at the top of your dashboard, click link in message. Note! If you don't see the message, go to WooCommerce/Customs Declarations in the main menu and start the setup and configuration below.

Setup & Configuration of Easy Customs for WooCommerce (VIDEO COMING SOON)

Go to WooCommerce/Customs Declarations in the main menu.
Follow the on-boarding instructions, once you're done, installation and setup should be complete.


Fill in the license password that you got in the email from us.
Choose to either to automatically create the customs declarations on order status or manually create them. If you decide to manually create them you go to Orders and click Bulk actions and Create Customs Declarations.

Consignor Information

Fill in your consignor infromation.

Product Information

HS Code
Click the first checkbox to use a Custom Field or check the second to use an Attribute for Product HS Code. Metafields is not standard in WooCommerce. Product Attribute is standard in WooCommerce and you can then use for example CN for China or FI for Finland och each product. You select this on a product in the Attribute field and there you write the HS Code.

Country of Origin
You have the same options here, to use a Custom Field for Product Country of Origin or an Attribute.

Select a Package Description that will be shown on the document.
If a weight is not set for the products this weight will be used as Minimum Weight.

Fill in your PostNord customer number, Issuer Code and choose a Paper size for the documents.


These configuration details you will get from PostNord. The Cost is above and/or below fields is where you can set a price for when the configuration should be used. If you want to select multiple Destination countries you have to press CTRL and left mouse click.

1.0.3 [2023-04-27] Improvements in configuration styling
1.0.2 [2023-04-27] Support for dynamic customs declarations options
1.0.1 [2023-04-12] Improvements in customs declarations data
1.0.0 [2023-03-24] Initial release

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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